Lago Cardiel, PatagoniaSarah Smith is a freelance translator and editor living in Buenos Aires, and founder of NEO Language Services. Originally from the US, she and her family have lived in Spain and Argentina. She can be contacted directly at ssmith.bsas@gmail.com

Theothersideofthefence is devoted to other ways of viewing education, life, what’s important and what’s not, depending on where you are. Although I have chosen education as a theme, I believe this encompasses a world of possibilities and therefore I don’t intend to limit entries to the “education debate.”  The choice of blog name has as much to do with my own affliction with the greener grass syndrome as it does with the notion that there are always two sides to fences. They only fence us in to the extent that we choose to follow the herd. Otherwise, fences are easy to jump with a little practice, a strong will and solid running start.

4 comments on “About

  1. Done blogging, or on a break?


  2. Another book I recommend is “Che Boludo! (A gringo’s guide to understanding the Argentines)”


  3. Hi Sarah,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog over the last several months. I am now in BA helping a group of Argentines launch a new ONG based on Teach for America’s theory of change (Ensena por Argentina). I am a former teacher and principal (and now a mom navigating it all from ‘the other side of the fence’). Would love to talk with you more about education over a cortado sometime!



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